Meet Our Team

At Springs Community Early Learning Centre, we have an experienced, long-term teaching team. We believe that children thrive when they have a stable, warm, positive relationships and rich, responsive opportunities to be involved.  Here is our full time teaching team.

Image.pngSue Hines – Centre Manager – Registered Teacher.

Kia ora, Talofa, malo o lei lei, Neehao,
I have worked as an infant toddler teacher here at Springs since graduating with a post graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in 2004.
My passion for the development of these very young learners has spanned over my entire working life. Prior to turning to teaching I held a Bachelor of Nursing and worked with children and young adults who lived with severe, multiple disabilities.
Springs supported me to undertake and complete a certificate in infant/ toddler mental health during 2011; this reinforced my beliefs that everyday experiences of the infant/ toddler shape their brain development. Positive interactions/ experiences positively enhancing their learning potential, negative ones stripping away learning and setting barriers that impact negatively throughout life.
The responsibility I feel as a teacher of these young people is immense and I work hard to develop reciprocal relationships with children, as children need to trust that there is a capable adult to them when away from their parent/ caregiver. This is achieved through the provision of consistent, sensitive, responsive interactions, alongside a collaborative relationship with you the family/ whanau. These relationships extend my knowledge of the child and allows me to recognise and respond to the influences of the wider world on their learning.

Image.jpgAngelita Schwalger –  Registered Teacher 

Talofa lava,
My name is Angelita Schwalger and I have worked at Springs for the past 15+ years. During that time I have taught in all the different age groups from babies to 6-year-olds. I believe strongly in building sound relationships with families and providing a warm welcoming and inclusive environment. I currently work alongside Adele and the Atawhai Children.

Image.jpgAdele Bouterey – Registered Teacher 

Kia Ora, my name is Adele Bouterey. I have been teaching in Early Childhood education for over 20+years, holding a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have been at Springs for 16 years of those years.

I work with the 2.5- 5 years old children in the Atawhai group and enjoy our close-knit preschool community environment. I believe in promoting the holistic way that children develop and grow in our nurturing environment becoming confident and capable learners, developing essential life skills and learning dispositions.

Image.jpgHeather Wells – Registered Teacher

Kia ora, my name is Heather Wells.

I hold a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning, Early Childhood and have 25+ years experience in the E.C. sector. I work in the Pokeka room with our youngest children. I believe infants require reciprocal responsive relationships which develop a sense of security and competence.

I involve myself in dynamic interactive relationships with children through being sensitively attuned to children’s abilities, interest and strengths and being accessible enough to provide scaffolding which extends the children and builds bridges between the known and unknown.

Image.pngSrey Leak Toch  – Registered Teacher 

Kia ora,
My name is Srey Leak, I graduated from the University of Canterbury in December 2014 with a Bachelor Of Teaching and Learning (ECE) and I am the contact teacher for the Puawai group, (children 2-3 years old) here at Springs Community Early Learning Centre. I strongly believe in the importance of establishing positive and successful relationships with all the children and whanau as it ensures children’s sense of belonging in the centre.

In addition to our stable teaching team, we have long-term regular relievers who engage and care for the children in our every day care